Are your files safe?

You are careful:
You are using a cloud storage account to preserve your valuable files. That is good, but you are not safe yet.
Bad things happen:
Have you ever unintentionally deleted a file, or forgotten where you stored the latest revision?
Has one of your files become corrupted, or even worse, hit by ransomware?

FileShadow can help

Link all of your cloud accounts and/or Drobo Network Attached Storage(NAS).

Archive your files:
FileShadow cloud service has your back. We automatically archive every change you make, to every one of your files, in every one of your cloud storage accounts, external drives, Drobo network attached storage devices, and now macOS desktop including your iCloud files and photos.
Track changes:
Your files and any changes you make to those files are stored in a secure archive store which has eleven 9’s of durability (that’s 99.999999999). All revisions for every one of your files are stored AS YOU MAKE THEM.
Find them anywhere:
Use FileShadow’s content search engine to rapidly locate and retrieve your files by automatically tagging image files using advanced machine learning technology, independent of what happens to the originals, so you can always find your files.

How it works



Link Cloud


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Why FileShadow?


Simple, Automatic, Continuous

Set up a FileShadow account, link your cloud accounts, Drobo Network Attached Storage (NAS) device(s), or macOS desktop app, and let it run. Your files will automatically be collected and protected with no additional action needed. (Typical ingestion rate of 3 Gb per hour.)


Safe and Secure

FileShadow is a safe and secure cloud storage solution that archives your files without modification or deletion. All files in transit and at rest are secured and encrypted with 256-bit AES; then physically stored in Google data centers until they are downloaded.


Complete Content Search

FileShadow’s advanced indexing engine catalogs all of your file content and metadata, for each and every file. This allows your files to be immediately searchable. Just search for any word or combination of words and FileShadow will return your file(s) in seconds.


Filter out unwanted Files

Going through thousands of files to find just one is simply not realistic. FileShadow allows you to narrow your search with filtering capabilities by date, cloud source, file type and even geolocation. Now you can locate that hard-to-find file quickly and easily.


Retrieve on Demand

Once you have searched for and selected the files you want, you can download them to your device or share with others by emailing a link to your FileShadow account. You can also restore files to their original cloud storage account or other cloud storage accounts.


Anti-Virus Scanning

Each time you download files or restore them to a cloud storage service, FileShadow scans each file and notifies you if any of them have been infected. You are then given the option of cancelling the download altogether or downloading some or all of the files.


Free account up to 100GB!*

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* FREE account up to 100GB, after which you may convert your FREE account to an Essential or Pro account.

Customer Testimonials

"Our document management system went down on the first day of school, but I was able to get my files from FileShadow in two minutes."
-Lisa Baker, CadCam Teacher
“It doesn’t matter what our clients do to the files, I can always get a clean revision of the file and schedule my meetings.”
-Mike Jacobs, IT manager
“I had no idea that I had so many files, and on my first search I found several files that should not be on the cloud!"
-Richard Nelson, Professional
“I don’t have time to organize my photos like I would like to and now I don’t have to. I can just search for them."
-Carla Garcia, Personal


We are very fortunate to have partnerships that allow us to provide unlimited cloud storage for you at an affordable price.

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